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第22屆WSCF-AP亞太區域委員會議 RCM 已完結


A short response from Natalie

First and foremost, the statement is from SCMHK, not me as an individual nor as the chairlady of SCMHK.

Before releasing this statement, I have communicated with the staff of AP through email back and forth for a few times. We see this statement as a way of dialogue, an open one. SCMHK deems this not as an issue that only involves SCMHK, but all regional SCM. More than whether I can attend the RCM on behalf of SCMHK, we concern the openness and transparency of decision making process. This also explains why an open discussion is needed. 

Sure both me and SCMHK have considered the AP's stance. Indeed, we have expressed our opinion regarding AP's stance point by point in the statement. 

As the chairlady of SCMHK, I sincerely hope that a transparent and democratic decision making process can be achieved in WSCF.

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