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SCMHK Unconference


SCMHK for Nathan Law

Condemning the Attack on Legislator Nathan Law

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Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong (SCMHK) in the spirit of Christ's love and righteousness, condemnes the attack on Hong Kong legislator Nathan Law.

In the past few years, we have seen Hong Kong has been proud of everything, bit by bit, ruined in the hands of some powerful. In the past few years, our steadfast rule of law has become a tool for the Government to suppress dissidents. We see that after the Umbrella Movement , one after another for social justice dedicated young people were convicted, serving in the political miscarriage of justice; Nathan Lae is only 23 years old, yetvwilling to disregard his own safety, for social justice. It is crucial we reflect on what makes young people one after another bet their own future and stand up against the powerful ? Is this not the same motive as the year when Jesus expelled the merchants of the temple so that the sinners were worthy to restore the value of the temple as a center of worship? We believe that any attempt to eradicate political pluralism in a violent manner can not be tolerated by civilized societies and must be condemned. Whether we agree with Mr Law or not it is our great concern regarding human rights and the rule of law. Whether in Hong Kong or in Taiwan, it is unacceptable to openly attack unarmed people in public places. However, what we must condemn is the handling of the Hong Kong Police. Taiwan police tried to keep the violent mob away , the Hong Kong police did not send appropriate force to try to protect the safety of Nathan Law.

We entrusted the power and responsibility of law enforcement, and the Hong Kong Police have a public power, but did not fulfill the duties of law enforcement. We urge the police to thoroughly investigate the facts and investigate whether any police officers have failed to protect the safety of Nathan Law because of personal political views. For Mr Law and other members of the social movement, perhaps not all of what they have said is correct or agreeable by the community, but SCMHK is calling on Hong Kong to reflect on what has happened in the past few years.

May God's love and healing come to the world, so that the Honorable Nathan LAW and other people who are in fear because of different political reasons and may those who in political prosecution receive healing and consolation; God will soften the cold-hearted authority. So that they can humbly listen to the voices of the community, and really concerne about the needs of the general public !






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