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Station 太空站

一個推動開放文化的宇宙太空站 An inter-galaxial space station that enhances open cultures
Station Journal: visit to Hare Krishna Temple

Station Journal: visit to Hare Krishna Temple

Farmer in Chief Holok and Director of Culture of Eaton House paid a visit to a nearby Hare Krishna Temple and had a nice vegan meal. 

Station 太空站Station 太空站

Station 太空站

We are guided by  Vrajarani Dasi and Lilamayi Radha Dasi.

Station 太空站The ladies told us about the story of the Tosi, a goddess in the form of a plant who vowed to serve Krishna's lotus feet throughout the epic story of Hare Krishna. 
Station 太空站Tosi, or Tulasi / Indian Basil, is a common plant in Southern India. They are often made into Tea in India. They are considered sacred by believers, that's why it is also called holy basil. Special carpenters will polish their branches into pearls and make necklace with them. Only vegetarians are supposed to wear them though. 

Believers will also honour the plant by chewing their leafs.

Station 太空站Station 太空站The plant is to be treated with respect and care like a lady. Every time it is trimmed, mantas chanting is accompanied. The plant is also vegetarian, so no compose made with meat is allowed. That could be a trouble for farmers. 

 On planet Mül we lived a harmonic life with the elements and always give back to the earth. It is delightful to see a community that lives a harmonic life with a plant. That could be a lot like the way we treat our tree of wisdom right? 

Station 太空站Station 太空站Station 太空站​​​​​​​




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