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Hacking Saturday Poster Ready

Date: 14 April (Sat)

Time: 2:30PM - 6:00pm

Venue: Eaton Workshop, 1/f 380 Nathan Road 

participants : 30 Max



The collaboration platform on the day


Topic: Blockchain Beginning - coretech

Goal: Building a Hyperledger Fabric privcate chain.

Pre study material: Hyperledger Fabric


Run down:

2:00 pm preparation

2:30 pm-3:00 pm introduction and pitching from organizer 

Break for 15 minutes

 3:15 -4: 15pm Thematic talks 

4: 15 pm -4:45 pitching from audience (10 minutes each) 

4:45 -6:00 pm hacking 

6:30pm close 

6:30pm -7:00pm clean up

Contact person:

Holok Chen : 68780652 

WanLeung Wong: 65434838

Organizers :

This Hacking Saturday is chiefly organized by Hong Kong Linux User Group


Hong Kong Linux User Group (HKLUG) is a non-profit organization by Hong Kong GNU/Linux lovers. It is aimed to gather GNU/Linux and Free/Opensource software(F/OSS) users or developers in Hong Kong, providing chances for them to exchange experience on GNU/Linux and F/OSS, helping new users, promoting F/OSS in Hong Kong and acting as a connection point of all the F/OSS users, developers and organization or community from overseas; in order to help the GNU/Linux and F/OSS Community. HKLUG is Hong Kong Registered Society No. 21299 under Societies Ordinance.

The program is curated by Station for Open Cultures as a separate event and is a Open Cultures initiative.

Station for Open Cultures is a spin-off of the bookstore The Coming Society that opened in 2011 whose aim is to bring together people and perspectives to imagine the world differently.  The founder Holok Chen focuses on land justice, gender and now a new aim of building a sustainable tech community in Hong Kong.


Eaton Workshop 


Eaton House is a dynamic take on a working club for a global tribe of innovators, progressive thinkers and creatives. References we love: classic newsrooms such as in The Year of Living Dangerously, Warhol’s Factory, Burning Man. Eaton House provides private, shared and communal workspaces for brainstorming and collaborating in each Eaton hotel. Members have full access to the adjacent hotel’s hospitality offerings, and to the House’s own networking series and member events. Eaton House reflects our broader mission to design the optimal setting for thought leaders to maximize their potential.



All events are organised by Partners of Station for Open Cultures under the Partner Program Policies. Including the requirement of opening an Collaction account and putting up to the platform by Collaction. 

All events must comply to Station for Open Cultures Code of Conduct and Privacy Policies 

All promotion material of events must credit  Station for Open Cultures and our sponsors Eaton Workshop and 9floor. Please email info@opencultures.life for logos. 

Please also refer to theevent checklist for promotional procedures. 

While using the venue, please also observe the House Rule




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