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Station Journal: The Loop (Hacker Meeting) on 28 Mar 2018

Station Journal: The Loop (Hacker Meeting) on 28 Mar 2018

The Loop mar 28 

The experience of hosting the Loop in Station is a successful one. 

The loop is a love story. It began with a romantic encounter between a French coder and a Hong Kong girl. He tried to teach her Linux and find it difficult to explain. And so what's better for learning a new system than learning in groups?

So there goes the Loop, a place where he and she and many others learn Linux together.

Eventually, He and she got married and moved back to France, but the community lives on. 

What happens is the experienced coders will sit in group and work together

About this event

It takes part at the reception area. 1/ f 

We took some time to work out a flow with registration as proposed:

Solution 1. 

One helper at reception (bridge ) 

One responsible for lift driving

Solution 2. 

A pass for security guards

When participants produce a QR code 

Security guard can scan and verify 

Station have reception 

Solution 3. 

Walking stairs at fire exit

The evaluation:

The space is comfortable compared to existing venue (studio)

And the community is friendly to New comers. 

Station 太空站

A good mix of designers and coders with different expertise 

Vangi Fong, a girl who works in NGO get valuable advice with C# from a coder in the loop. 

While open con organiser get user comments from participants




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