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Station 太空站

一個推動開放文化的宇宙太空站 An inter-galaxial space station that enhances open cultures
Introduction to farmer in residence: Holok

Introduction to farmer in residence: Holok

Holok Chen graduated from the department of Philosophy of CUHK. He is active in social activism and cultivation of a vibrant civic society. He is currently the Farmer in Chief of Station for Open Cultures.

Don’t be scared by aliens! --About the Residency

Holok and the alien tribe (see below) will curate a series of open culture events in Eaton Workshop from August 2018 - July 2020, including but not limited to Hackathons, Opensource conferences and design workshops. All members and staff of Eaton Workshop are welcome!

The space station will operate from August 2018 - July 2019, energizing the opensource community in Hong Kong!

It all starts with a science fiction movie:

Once upon a time, there were a group of pearl people wandering around in the universe whose planet had long since perished. As a result, they are exiled to the space station to secretly learn from various cutting-edge technologies in the cracks between worlds.

Pearl people have a strange greeting of waving from the forehead, spreading the best idea to one another.

Pearl people took refuge in an inter-galaxial space station called Station for Open Cultures to learn not only technology, but also a cosmology. They seek wisdom, but also learn about peace and love. In this huge cosmic space station, we fasten our fist, not to retaliate, but to create. Generation to generation of education, sharing, heritage, these efforts only to rebuild the lost soul of home planet.

Come to this space and we welcome you to join us and learn to be the best "we" in an open, progressive, diverse and equal value.

Pearl community spirit :

Equal treatment for aliens,

Respect differences


Open and transparent


The tree of wisdom

The tree of wisdom is the source of wisdom, guided by the experience and accumulated knowledge of the ancestry. The tree will grow new branches every time a new partnership is formed.


Elders are responsible for conflict resolutions and facilitate the sustainable growth of the tribe

Tribal people

Anyone who recognizes and participates in contributing to Station of Open Cultures can become a tribe member

Holok’s space station is at B24 of 1/F Eaton House, you might find him brainstorming with aliens constantly. Please feel free to interrupt! Other contacts are as follows:





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