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CubicFree -共享免費物品寄存與運送配對平台

Carmen Lai - 項目發起人
CubicFree -共享免費物品寄存與運送配對平台

靈感來自 Inspiration came from

今期流行斷舍離,很多人會通過各種各樣的平台,將自己不適合用的東西送給或者賣給別人以騰出心靈和家居的空間,同時避免物品成為垃圾,減輕堆填區壓力。徵物者也毋須花費金錢購買新的物品。這樣對于贈物者,徵物者和環境可以說是win-win-win 三赢。


但運送問題令人覺得很懊惱。面交會節省快遞成本,但就會有時間和精力成本,花時間約交收,按約好的時間到達交收地點,還有可能遇到有人臨時取消面交,真是讓一群有心人很氣餒。可能儲物櫃容易有保安,衛生,法律和責任問題問題, 所以一般地鐵站內或者附近沒有儲物櫃可以寄存 (紅磡火車站的電子儲物櫃除外)。而選擇郵寄的話,就要包裝物品然後去郵局寄出。順豐等快遞公司的到付服務比較方便, 但對於徵物者, 成本比較高,不是所有物品都值得利用這些快遞公司運送,另外由於沒有當面檢查物品,需要承受貨不對辦的風險。而對於贈物者, 需要承受由於徵物者沒有收取物品而被快遞公司收費的風險。

Danshari becomes more and more popular culture. It is closely relative to minimalism and zen-buddhist ideals of detachment from possessions – a reaction to mainstream materialiam in contemporary modern society. Many people will free or sell their unnecessary stuff to the public via various platforms. The stuff will not become the waste so that the burden of landfill could be released. The Receiver can save the money from buying the new stuff. This is definitely a win-win-win solution!

The current logistic solutions make people frustrated. Existing solutions include face-to-face handover and the traditional courier service. When choosing face-to-face handover, people have to make an agreed time and location to meet up. It is not always easy to make it and no show may occur even though the appointment is made. When adopting the courier service. The Receiver shall pay for the delivery fee in advance (e.g. bank transfer), the Giver will wrap and send the stuff by post/ SF Express. It is very inconvenient. In the meanwhile, it will also generate a lots of packaging waste! 

​The problem of Face-to-Face Handover​

  • Spend lots of time and physical effort to coordinate for handover (e.g. not responsive)​
  • Have risk to meet bad guys (commit to donate but don't, give the money but don't deliver, no show, be late)​

The problem of Traditional Courier​

  • Disclose account info to Receiver to transfer logistic fee; Annoying to chase​ the Receiver to pay the fee
  • Wrapping is required ​in advance
  • Go to post office or ask Company for help​
  • Post office / Locker is not located near home or work​
  • Expensive logistic price​
  • Have a risk to lose the freebie if Giver doesn't pay full post fee​
  • The quality of freebie is not secured​
  • Have to deal with package waste​

Can we step forward and make it easier and lower cost to pass the useful stuff from one to another? Just thinking how many people go to work every day in Hong Kong. Can we ask them for help to pick up when they go to work or off work? That is how the idea comes out.

解決什麼社會問題 Solve social problems 

根據政府網站,香港單於2015年已製造了570 萬公噸廢物,而當中只有35%循環再造,其餘則運往堆填區處理。假如廢物量繼續以現時速度增加,三個堆填區將於 2010 年代中期全部滿溢。 過度消費令情況垃圾問題更加嚴峻。傳統物流業產生大量包裝垃圾。



本地零售小店一般沒有資源做市場推廣。除了通過出租空間增加收入外,希望通過交收活動和平台展示,增加與社區人士交流和曝光率, 從而進一步增加收入。  

The amount of municipal solid waste generated each year in Hong Kong is enormous, given that the city houses over 7 million people and is a regional centre of commerce. In 2015 alone, 5.7 million tonnes were generated, of which 35% was recycled and the rest went to landfills. The landfill sites will be completely filled by the mid 2010s if the level of waste continues to grow at the current levels. Excessive consumption makes the problem more serious. Traditional logistic industry generates enormous packaging waste.

Living in a more connected way with people. Thinking to get something free before buying.  It is believed that co-sharing is the new way of living that provides an sustainable, hassle-free and communal living choice.

Freelancer or Full time mum look for more flexible working opportunity.

Small retail shop usually have not much budget for marketing.   

我們如何由0到1開始 How do we start from 0 to 1

建立物品寄存與快遞配對平臺,贈物者和徵物者可以通過CubicFree平台或者其他渠道完成物品配對, 然後到指定的店鋪寄存和收取物品,經招募的人士順路幫忙運送物品。 用於運送的袋是可重用的,贈物者無須對物品進行預先包裝。

CubicFree積分是CubicFree平台上的虛擬貨蔽。徵物者需要使用CubicFree積分下寄送訂單。所需積分數量視乎需要寄送物品的大小和重量以及寄送的距離。每100積分價值約 HK$1。CubicFree積分可通過購買,出租空間或順路送件賺取。積分可以兌換成現金,優惠券或轉贈給平臺內朋友。 

長遠希望可以引入區塊鏈技術,與本地共享單車Ketch Up Bike合作鼓勵多踩單車。 

CubicFree -共享免費物品寄存與運送配對平台CubicFree is to build up a bridge among the Giver, the Receiver, the Shop and the Public who wants to offer their help. Besides, the reusable delivery bag will be adopted to omit the packaging waste!

Hope Blockchain technology could be introduced in the future and cooperate with local company, Ketch Up Bike to encourage people to bike. 

對社會帶來的正面影響 Positive impact on society

  • 減少資源錯配。有需要的人士可以得到免費物品,减轻生活负担。 
  • 避免可用的物品遭受棄置,減輕堆田區的壓力。還減少了生產新物品產生的碳排放。 
  • 店鋪可通過出租閒置空間增加收入,並且增加人流和曝光率,間接促進銷售。 
  • 自由工作者可比较轻松地增加收入 


  • Reduce resource mismatches. People in need can get free items to ease the burden of life.
  • Avoid the disposal of available items and prolong the lifetime of the landfill. It also reduces carbon emissions from the production of new items.
  • Shops can not only increase revenue by renting vacancy space, but also increase the customer flow and exposure.
  • Freelance workers can increase income more easily.

In the end, the interaction in the community will be closer and the social atmosphere will be more harmonious.

面對的挑戰 The challenge we encountered


Since the project will deal with many stakeholders to build sharing ecosystem, lots of coordination works have to be done.

需要的資源及人力 The resources we needed


需要的人力 : 品牌以及線上市場推廣專家, 網站建設專家, 快遞員,志願者等等。

Cost: Buy delivery bag, labour cost, rent, web platform development, marketing, etc.

People : Branding & online-marketing expert, Website development expert, delivery agent, volunteer, etc.

我們是誰 who are we

'Cubic'意思是三次的, 立方體的; 

'Free'代表 1. 自由的, 行動不受限制的, 不被物品所束縛;(對於贈物者) 2. 空閒的, 空餘的;(對於快遞員和店舖) 3. 免費的; (對於徵物者)


CubicFree = 物品共享 x 空間共享 x 時間共享 = 共享的三次方 = 社區的力量

CubicFree目標成為一個物品寄存与運送共享平台。在這裡,店家可以透過CubicFree出租閒置空間提升生意額,快遞員或者義工可以利用上下班時間順路賺取額外收入或者建立義工履歷,用家也能以低廉價格享受到獨一無二的寄存与運送服務。有心人也可預先繳付快遞待用券,留待運送服務給有需要的人士。CubicFree 希望通過連結社區每一分力量和資源,實現環境、經濟、社會都可以永續發展的願景。

'Cubic' means of third degree, order, or power a cubic polynomial

'Free' represents:​

  1. Be able to act or be done as one wishes​, no longer confined or imprisoned by stuff​ (to Giver)
  2. Have spare space and time (to Delivery agent and Shop)
  3. Gain without cost or payment​ (to Receiver)

CubicFree's formula: 

CubicFree = Share Stuff x Share Space x Share Time = Share^3 = The Power of the Community​

CubicFree aims to become a brand new storage and delivery service platform for sharing. The Shop can rent out the vacant space to increase the revenue and gain more interaction with the potential customer. The Earner / Volunteer can use available transport to deliver to get extra income or build volunteering career profile. The Giver can share the things easier without worrying about no show. The Receiver can get the desired stuff easier at a fraction of the cost. The vision of CubicFree is to develop sustainable environment, society and the economy by integrating the resource of community.

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CubicFree -共享免費物品寄存與運送配對平台 發起人



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