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Rain detector

Using data from HKO, develop (relatively) precise rain detection
Thomas K - 項目發起人

Inspiration came from

HKO provides a vague estimation of rain forecast

What social problems do you solve?

  1. Not much people use it
  2. UI is quite bad
  3. In theory, it can be to-the-minute with estimations (sacrificing some accuracy)

How do we start from 0 to 1

  1. Parse data from HKO
    1. No official API seen, probably need to scrap from somewhere
  2. Create relay database (for further calculation and reduce gov server load)
  3. map out rain probability of locations
    1. If the data is in map-gird -> topography-like estimation of raincloud location
    2. If data is only available in single point per request -> queuing, sampling may be needed
  4. Prepare to send data out : API
    1. Input: coordinates, +- time (if historical data is kept)
    2. Output: Raining probability (0/1 or in percentage, depend on result)
  5. Front end app
    1. Presumably in single function app, for quick launch and notification
    2. Possibly provide rain probability for static locations Eg. display board of buildings;

The challenge we encountered

  1. I have a hard time retrieving data from HKO, with no background knowledge nor traning, this is the bottleneck

The resources we needed

  1. Help in getting data from HKO
  2. Data handling (depends on data received) (might be the most time and resource consuming area)
  3. Front end app sample (May require less help)
  4. Tester for accuracy

who are we

Self learnt coder, learning new programming languages by shipping small projects.

This is the biggest (potential) project so far, so I got a lot to learn


GitHub workspace


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Rain detector 發起人

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