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Dream_starter_瞬間增高風琴鞋 已完結

Our aim is to help people who are too short to put/take things 我們的目標是幫那些不夠高的人
盧曉敏 - 項目發起人



Our teacher was teased by her son because she was too short to take the products in the shop.


Although people think that this is stupid and try to take a chair, many people get hurt or even pass away because the chair isn't supposed to let people stand on it(it's common sense alright). Since nowadays people take this idea as a joke, we want to try this project if it can work or not.
由於人們認為要拿放在高的東西 「要用增高鞋」是一件愚蠢的事。很多人用凳子,而令自己受傷甚至「瓜柴」。因為凳子不應該是讓人站上去的(這是常識?)由於現在人們拿這個增高鞋開玩笑,所以我們想做這個項目試一下行不行。


Our mentor asked us a lot of questions and guided us to keep thinking ... come up with a way! (Meditation emmm ...   )
When we discussed together, we put forward opinions and different proposals, but our mentor also proposed the disadvantages of the scheme and said that the scheme was not feasible, and repeatedly asked us for opinions. (It's a bit sad to be rejected after putting forward the comments ...   )



We are limited by our technology and our pocket money aren't enough to buy shoes 我們的資源很有限,還有我們的零用錢不夠買一雙鞋

We need help!

We made Heighten shoes using Hydraulic technology we want to test if this prototype can carry the weight of a man and we will love to have Technical experts to guide us.


Addy: leader組長

Sophia: test subject白老鼠

Oscar & Chris: researcher 研究員(?)

Matthew & Deven & Sophia: test subject 白老鼠(good luck my friend)

Mrs. Lo: advice teacher & service target 指導老師和白老鼠

(don't we have too many test subject?)

(於 更新)

Dream_starter_瞬間增高風琴鞋 發起人

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