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DreamStarter項目| 雪糕藝術家 Ice-cream Artists

雪糕有令人心情瞬間愉快的魔法。十三位初小學生希望把這魔法傳遞給全校師生和社區裡感到生活壓力的人。 為令大家吃得開心又健康,我們會以水果和蔬菜為主要食材,研究不同整雪糕的方法,例如用液氣氮和雪糕機等去創造幾款低糖低脂的雪糕。我們還想化身小小藝術家,為雪糕設計不同造型,令這魔法增添多一點色彩。希望大家支持我們雪糕藝術家的夢,將健康的雪糕帶給天虹小學,向四周宣揚愛的信息!

Talk by Dog Rescue

DreamStarter項目| 雪糕藝術家 Ice-cream ArtistsWe want our students to be kindhearted and with empathy.
This week,  the students attended a seminar organized by Dog Rescue.

Through listening to the stories of stray dogs and what can we do to help them, students started to think of their own ways to help the community with their project too. For example, they would like to give out some ice-cream for free to the needy people in the community.  

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