SCMHK Hong Kong
香港基督徒學生運動是大專基督徒學生合一組織 ,本著「關心社會、踐行公義、見證基督、推廣天國」的宗旨開展學生事工。 - The Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong (SCMHK) is an Ecumenical organization with missions of concerning the community
Church Email Crawler
資源及技能 🚀
For any WSCF member movement, as long as you provide a list of church websites in your region, we will run a crawler for you and generate a list of email of the said churches. We hope this could advance the movement of SCMs around the world. Please send the church web links to
資源及技能 🚀
本會是註冊慈善團體,受惠於Tech for Non-Profit計劃,得到MicroSoft資助,我們可以為合資格的團體提供Server服務。 詳情請聯絡本會開放文化專員



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